Monday, July 8, 2013

Last Week Jitters

Today the last week began. Anxious to go back home, I was torn at the fact that this amazingly enlightening experience is almost over. This program has given a taste of college and I feel that I am ready for the real thing. I feel that now having been exposed to some of the challenges living alone brings about, I have a great confidence in my ability to maintain my own well being when it is time for actual college. 

Finding  a balance, I have learned first hand, is the most important key to successfully living alone. Prioritizing your life is something that we all do, but balancing it in a healthy way manually, is not always the easiest task. Whether it be juggling college and a social, one always has to realize what is most important to them and in terms of this program, remember what it is they came here to do. I came here to learn, so I remain focused on that. But I did not solely come to learn, so I have made some friends. Finding the balance between the two, with it being so much easier to hang out than study, was hard but I feel successful in my balancing act.
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