Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Day to Remember - WCCUSD School Board Meeting

Today was definitely a new experience at Lovonya DeJean Middle School. It was my first School Board Meeting. Yes, I was nervous, but soon it faded away as I got comfortable with the environment and I could no longer think of a reason to be nervous.

After getting through the first part of the meeting, it was turn for ILCers to take the stage and be introduced to the members of School Board and the community. Turn by turn, each of the chaperones introduced the cohorts and the program. One of the cohorts from each group gave a speech which was excellent; the speech from each of the cohorts came from their heart and they presented it beautifully!

After the introduction of ambassadors of ILC, we got opportunity to hear from past ILCers who are now, current students at Ivy League Schools. They were once in same place as us and now, they are at the top achieving their dreams. The part I really loved was during the end when Mr. Ramsey spoke. It made me realize that I was not just a high school student but an ambassador of Ivy League Connection. The speeches made were very motivating and encouraging. I can honestly say that this meeting has got me thinking about the action plan already.

 I am very thankful to benefactors, board members and Don who are the backbones of the program.

(Also, after reaching home, I opened my phone and logged into Facebook to check if there was something new, and my teacher had posted that she was watching Ivy League Students on TV ).  
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