Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just Add Water and Watch it Grow

When I discovered that I would be giving a speech at the WCCUSD School Board Meeting, an imaginary atomic bomb was released in my head.  We had to be at the meeting at 6:00 PM.  Before my speech, my head was swirling with what I was going to say. However, by the time I said my speech, I realized all of my anxiety was unnecessary. My other Ivy League colleagues gave wonderful and heartfelt speeches that added to my excitement for my trip to Brown. 

Shraddha and me with our ILC certificates
At the School Board Meeting, a few students who are alumni of the Ivy League Connection and have also been accepted into Ivy League schools, gave their personal testimonials about their experience as students at their university. It was truly invigorating to know that the idea of attending an Ivy League is not so far-fetched. With enough determination and hard work, you can bring your dream to full fruition.  During the meeting, we were able to acknowledge the benefactors of this program. I am grateful for the benevolence of the many organizations and businesses that help make the ILC possible. I intend to fulfill my aspirations and return the generosity that we have received. I am honored to be associated with a program that encourages the significance of giving back to our community.

After attending today’s meeting, I realized that together as a community, we can help our students achieve their desires and help them reach their full potential. A student’s achievement starts with the family, the school, and then the community.

We are like the seeds of the program. With our own perseverance and enough help, we can grow into what we hope to achieve. Words cannot express my gratitude for the benefactors and the time and commitment that the ILC supporters have demonstrated.

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