Monday, May 20, 2013

A Wholly New Experience

Last Wednesday night I attended an event the likes of which I had never experienced before.  It was a school board meeting!  Now that doesn’t sound as life changing as that first sentence seemed to set it up to be, but trust me it was a very new experience.  I got to see my school board in action, and it was the complete opposite of what I was expecting.  They always seemed to agree on all the issues, which for the most part, probably due to my less-than-unwavering attention, were fairly confusing.

It was interesting seeing people go up and present their cases to the Board.  They were timed, five minutes in closed session and two in open session.  This seemed an extremely small amount of time, especially given the gravity of the issues presented.  I actually was slightly confused as to one of these interactions, when a couple lawyers, representing a client, explained that they were filing a suit against the school board, citing constitutional rights, and that the ACLU backed them.  The suit was in response to a certain measure being passed, and the lawyers asked to delay the passing of the measure in order to find a better solution.  The odd part, for me, was that the Board seemed to consider the speakers for a few moments and then simply pass the measure.  I guess the legal sides of the decisions the Board makes are handled elsewhere.

I also had a fun time seeing all my friends who are in the program, as well as my chaperone.  Nate, the chaperone, talked to us about where we would be visiting and discussed a few places of interest for possible weekend excursions.  We will be visiting at least four colleges the first weekend for sure and we couldn’t come up with anything besides New York City for another possible field trip thing.

With each of these ILC events I feel that much closer to summer and the trip that summer brings and I get more and more excited.   I can’t wait to have the experience of a lifetime.  
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