Wednesday, May 15, 2013

At a Middle School While in High School to Listen to College Students

I still had plenty of time to get to Lavonya DeJean Middle School when I finished today's piano lesson and dressed myself up for tonight's Board meeting. My mom had insisted that I wear my blue dress and red jacket even though I was thoroughly convinced that I would look like a senator (and I'm not changing that opinion, even though Elia's mom only ranked me a four on a scale of one to Sarah Palin). So it wasn't a huge surprise that we were early, pulling into the parking lot of the school at 5:39 despite being told to arrive around 6:00. 

We stood around in scattered clusters of people from different schools and programs until we were asked to take a seat. The first part of the Board meeting was just another meeting, but I saw it as an "adult" event, something official that you don't see at school. For me it was representative of the level of responsibility I would be expected to step up and take as a part of this program. 
One of our lovely speakers delivering her speech
 The speeches from the chaperones, the Board members, the past ILCers, and the present ILCers were each helpful and informative in their own way. From each speech I took away some idea of what I would be doing and what I would be expected to do, as well as who I would become.

Pictures were more of the same but with a much larger group, and as usual I didn't find it very difficult to stand still and smile.

This ILC event has helped me realize that everything that I do that has gotten me here is no longer a choice but an expectation, and this has only increased my longing to become a more mature and evolved person.
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