Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meeting at the School Board

Gratitude was definitely in the air tonight as the recipients of the scholarships (myself included) were presented to the founders and benefactors of the Ivy League Connection. One phrase that was used tonight to describe the program was "God sent". These two words demonstrate so eloquently the appreciation that the us participants of the Ivy League Connection have towards everyone who influences the program.

Having a brother who was a part of the ILC means that I always get an earful about the program, but hearing about it from other people tonight re-established my faith that this summer will truly be an amazing one. Amazing not only in the aspect that I'll get college exposure but also to see people who have done the program and now attend the schools that they once visited a few summers ago. This showed me that the Ivy League Connection opens doors that some may not even be aware are available to them and I am excited to see the doors that will be opened along my path. 

With excitement and anxiousness filling my body, I would like to extend a final thank you to all of those making this dream a reality for me.
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