Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back to Basics

Today was another set of tutorials for the students of the ILC! This is the second set (the first was three weeks ago), and I chose to attend the final session, which was in the afternoon. It was held at my own school, De Anza High School. Since I came here on a Saturday, it felt rather odd to me, as did walking through the completely deserted hallway in the early afternoon, which is a normally busy time at my school.

When I arrived, I suddenly remembered that I had to bring my ID and my insurance information to be scanned. I panicked for a brief second, but thankfully, it wasn't too much of an issue. I already spoke to Don about why I couldn't get my ID quite yet, and I could just have my insurance information scanned when I have my ID ready.

For the first forty-five minutes, we were trying to deal with technical issues regarding connecting to the internet by using my school's internet. Eventually, most of us gave up on connecting with our laptops, so we ended up using the computers in the room, which connected fine.

From that point on, we listened to Don explain various things expected of us while we are in the Ivy League Connection, such as blogging, photography, punctuality, and responsibility. He also spoke about what we should bring when we are in the East Coast. Much of the information was rather obvious, but I won't easily dismiss what he says, since Don told us all of this to ensure we don't end up making mistakes! 

We had to make practice blogs to demonstrate our mastery of the formatting, and we also took a few photographs to practice posting them. 

Here we have some ILCers taking pictures of each other taking pictures!
Despite the technical difficulties at the beginning, today went by rather smoothly, and I will try my best not to invoke the wrath of Evil Don! 
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