Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday's Tutorial

Hello Everyone. I am Shraddha Luitel. I am a junior at De Anza High School, and this summer I will be taking Women and Leadership at Brown University.
De Anza's Computer Lab

One important part of being ILCer is to learn how to blog, so this morning we met at De Anza High School for our blogging tutorial. I was quite happy that meeting location got changed to De Anza High School because I did not have to fear about getting lost. As instructed, I arrived to De Anza around 8:00 AM. Unfortunately, some technical difficulties arose and we could not start the tutorial right away. There was trouble logging in and connecting to the internet but Don was able to figure things out.

Don taught us the correct way to blog and we were also able to imply it and write a practice blog. After learning about blogger, we moved on to Photoshop  Even though I had used Photoshop before, I was not quite familiar with it. Don went over techniques that can be used to make photos better. We were also given a packing list. Since I have habit of over packing, I am worried if I will be able to pack under 50 pounds. 

The tutorial was very informative and I was able to learn many important things which I will be able to apply in future (I just applied one right now). I am looking forward to summer and excited to get a taste of college life. 

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