Friday, May 17, 2013

School Board Meeting

This Wednesday, we went to Lavonya Dejean Middle School to attend the School Board meeting in our district. I did not write a blog about the meeting that day because I had just finished all six of my AP tests. All of my stress that had started accumulating since the beginning of the school year vanished that day and I did not want to do anything but relaxing.

The meeting was broadcast live on TV. It was the first time I've been present at an event broadcast live and I was always curious how people work together to broadcast an event on TV, so I was observing the technical part of the broadcast during the meeting (of course not to the extend that I stopped paying attention to the meeting). There were two cameramen using two huge cameras to shoot the meeting from different angles. They wore headsets probably to communicate about when to switch cameras. The cameras were connected to a TV screen set up in front of the Board members and it probably showed them the images that were broadcasting.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Board members talked about a program regarding expelled students. Some of them wanted the program to continue and some of them said that the budget for the program is not enough.

After the discussion, we, the ILCers presented ourselves to the School Board. The chaperones and one ILCer from each group gave a brief speech saying what they expect from going to the program and thanking all the contributors of the program.

After all the groups finished presenting themselves, we finally met our sponsors. Before I heard of the ILC program, I had never dreamed of visiting east coast colleges and experiencing college life since the cost would be too high for my family. These sponsors make my trip this summer possible -- they reduce the cost of the trip to almost zero. We applauded for the sponsors for quite a long time. In addition to that, I want to thank those sponsors again in this blog to thank them for giving us the opportunity to explore east coast colleges.

At the end, we had a group picture. Don took A LOT of pictures just to make sure everyone is smiling and not blinking. The picture he sent us that night looks beautiful.
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