Friday, May 3, 2013

Brownies' Dinner at Town Hall

May 2, 2013: Dinner with all the Cohorts, Brown alumni and sponsors. It was finally the dinner night for Brownies! I had mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. Since being punctual is one the main things for ILCers, my mother and I left home early and arrived at the El Cerrito BART Station right on time (I was worried if we could make it on time). We then joined Don and other cohorts whom we could recognize from afar because of the dress up. As a group, we all headed to catch BART to the Embarcadero station.

After getting off, we had to walk for few minutes to get to Town Hall Restaurant. On the way there, I talked to a few parents and got to know our (Women & Leadership) chaperone, Tiffani Neal.

At the restaurant, we were guided to a private dining room where each of us were assigned a seat. I was seated in a table with Peter, Corynn, Nancy, Don, Ludmyrna, Alice, Carson & his dad. I talked to Brown alumni about how the Brown University works (admission, scholarships, study-abroad programs etc). It was a good opportunity to get to know these alumni and learn about Brown University. I felt comfortable sitting around adults whom I barely knew but I tried my best to keep the conversation going. During the end, there were some interesting conversations going around the table.

Ms. Kronenberg asked all the cohorts to stand up and give an introduction. We did not just hear from cohorts, but also from alumni and sponsors. We heard speeches from Duncan, Alicia & Mr. Ramsey. Duncan and Alicia did a great job and it is not easy work to give speech.
Moving on to food, I found it delicious! Being a vegetarian is hard work and I often have problems getting vegetarian food outside. But I was happy that they had good vegetarian food. After Dinner, we took group pictures with alumni, cohorts and sponsors and I tried my best to give a good smile :D

While returning back, the BART train was pretty crowded and there was barely a seat to sit down but we made it back to El Cerrito Bart Station. Thanks to Ms. Kronenberg for dropping me home and giving me ideas about Action Plans. I am definitely looking forward to this summer and experiencing the college life at Brown University.
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