Friday, May 3, 2013

All Star Banquet at Town Hall

As our cohort's journey continues to progress, the pieces of this Ivy League Connection are becoming more transparent. From meeting our chaperon for the summer to meeting the original benefactor of the program, this night was filled with excitement and beckoned anticipation for my participation in the program this summer.

One purpose of the Ivy League Connection is to expose young adults to things that had they not been granted this scholarship, would have not experienced. And this is exactly what took place last night. I know that I would have never eaten at Town Hall, let alone had dinner with such influential people at Brown and in the world. I actually had the pleasure of having an amazing prerequisite to the class I will be taking this summer. At my table the alumni of Brown began to discuss real world macroeconomics and the applications there of.

But not all learning experiences are pleasant ones. I had the opportunity  to sit next to a man on BART  who did not see the need to keep his pit bull on a leash. Although there was no altercation, I did learn to try not to stray from the group too far when choosing my seat on public transportation.

In all, the mixture of a great atmosphere and great people created an unforgettable night that has me  anticipating the summer even more now.
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