Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brown Dinner: 411

Hi everyone,

I just got back from the Brown dinner at Town Hall in San Francisco! The restaurant was really beautiful, and had some "stunning 19th century styles" that my dad (an Architect) kept commenting on. 

The food was great, except it was so fancy that I couldn't tell what was on the menu! But what really made my night wasn't the food, (which was incredibly delicious) but the people I met. 

During dinner I talked mostly with Terri Ishmael, the Vice Principal of Hercules High School. We discussed class schedules, which is currently being debated at my school. We agreed that a block schedule in which you take the same classes the whole year, but in different time segments each day, would be ideal.

Throughout dinner, I also talked to Alicia Green, a sophomore who is attending the Women and Leadership program with me. During dinner, she gave a thoughtful, heartwarming speech about our Action Plans. This really inspired me to make sure I really execute my Action Plan when I return from Brown.

Halfway through dinner, there were several speakers, including Brown alumni, benefactors, Charles Ramsey, and Madeline Kronenberg. All of them made me incredibly grateful for being given this amazing opportunity. I can't wait to make them proud at Brown.

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