Friday, May 3, 2013

Brown Dinner at Town Hall

Today, all the students with the Brown program and a few alumni and sponsors of the Ivy League Connection met at Town Hall in the financial district of San Francisco for dinner. All of the students traveled there together by BART, the Bay Area's subway, and walked from the Embarcadero to the restaurant. We were seated so that every table had at least one alum and no more than two students from the same school so that we would have a chance to meet and get acquainted with new people and possibly make new connections.

The dinner was opened with introductions of the alumni and students attending courses at Brown this summer. Two of the students each delivered a speech that provided intelligent personal insight regarding the purpose of the Ivy League Connection program. A few of the alumni also spoke and described his/her experiences of Brown University and gave some advice for prospect students. The main entree was served after the speeches and it was fabulous. There were three pieces of juicy, tender steak covered in red wine sauce accompanied by mashed potato and vegetables of the perfect texture and taste. I also conversed with my vice principal, who sat next to me, about college, career paths, standardized tests, and other academic-related topics during this time.

In addition to the great social and dining experience, the dinner at Town Hall was a great opportunity to get better acquainted with my cohorts, the alumni, and the sponsors of the Ivy League Connection. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!
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