Friday, May 3, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

This was the moment that I had been anxiously awaiting for about two months and I could barely breath. I was going to have to give a speech to a room filled with intimidating individuals and I was dreading it. This day had eventually been nicknamed "Doomsday" and I needed to get  ready to explain what I was looking forward to when I go over to Brown.

I arrived at the BART station at 4:35 and waited for the other cohorts as well as adults to arrive. I saw Don getting the tickets ready and I went to go talk to him. Don was in a great mood and I guess that he decided to be 'Good Don' today. Soon everyone arrived and we made brief introductions. I was shocked at how inviting everyone was to me and I felt a bit silly for being nervous in the first place.
El Cerrito Plaza BART Station

As we got settled in on the train I started to mingle with the woman I was sitting next to me. Even though she was not going to the Town Hall Restaurant she put all of my nerves at ease. When we arrived at Town Hall restaurant we ate a delicious first course meal. 

After we finished eating Mrs. Kronenberg introduced all of the students, staff members, Brown alums, and sponsors. I got the chance to meet the other women in my group who were from El Cerrito High School and could tell that we would get along.
It was my time to shine and I felt like I was ready to successfully convey my message. I discussed what I felt I could get out of participating in the Ivy League Connection and how I could improve my community. As I finished giving my speech I never felt so liberated in my life. I knew that I had told my story and honestly made a connection with most of the people in that room. 

As I sat down Anne White, a Brown alum from the Class of '64 leaned over and said, "You did a great job." I had been asking her questions about her life and what life was like at Brown University back in the 60's. She is truly an amazing woman and someone who I aspire to become one day.

I managed to learn so much in such a sort amount of time. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many inspirational men and women. I was praised the entire way home for the speech that I had given. I could tell that everyone was united and truly was pulling for us to succeed. I hope that I can add to Brown University's legacy and become a productive member of the ILC.
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