Thursday, May 16, 2013

Revelations and Other Inspirations at the WCCUSD School Board Meeting

This  evening my cohorts and I were gathered at Lovonya De Jean Middle School for a school board meeting. I managed  to gain a better insight of what it truly means to participate in the Ivy League Connection.
As my cohorts and I met with our chaperone Ms. Neal, I began to think about the chance I have to really do something amazing for my community. I felt as though I had a revelation and listening to all of the speakers express how proud they were of me made me feel complete. I can recall one of the speakers saying that all of our hard work has  paid off after all and that we must never forget where we come from. Crystal Tse, a member of the Brown II group, told me that I was her inspiration for her speech. She did such an outstanding  job and effectively conveyed all of  our overall goals and aspirations for when we travel to the east coast.

I was especially moved and captivated when Mr. Ramsey spoke, because he told all of us to be proud of where we come from and to continue on this path of success. I know that I can truly say that everyone in that room spoke with authority and passion which gives me hope for future Ivy League Connection members  to come. Mr. Ramsey also introduced a few of the exceptional students who were once  standing where we stood today. They spoke  to us about what we should expect when we leave this summer and gave us a few words of encouragement.

Austin Long was an Ivy League Connection member who has now utilized the connections that he made while he attended Yale last summer. He told us that we have nothing to fear, but it is us that should be feared, for we have so much potential beyond comprehension. I respect the fact that he wants us to be  resilient and  prove to all of the people that doubt our potential based on our address that we are not defined or restricted by our economical backgrounds. Instead we can use that as a reason persevere and succeed no matter how many obstacles are in our path blocking our road to success.

When all of the speakers made their closing statements we all gathered for a group photo. I hope that I can serve as an advocate for not only women, but all of the young people in my community in the future.
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