Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Now Have Everything I Need

I now have everything I need for my foray into the perilous world of blogging for the ILC. 

At 1:00 PM today I entered a computer lab at De Anza High school, not exactly sure of what to expect from the tutorial I knew would be taking place.  I knew that it would be about blogging.  What I didn't know was that it was going to be all blogging, all the time.  Now I know.  I also know that all my thoughts are now to be expressed in Times font, in justified alignment, with only one line between separate paragraphs, and, of course, with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Coherency and intrigue are strongly recommended.

I am not, however, strongly recommended to, or even expected to, white-wash my thoughts and simply praise all the amazing people and places I have been and will be seeing.  I am expected to be honest.  That was the most important thing I got out of this tutorial.  After reading some Evil-Don-inducing blogs and discussing some Evil-Don-inducing past ILCers, a question was posed:  We aren't allowed to be vulgar and say inappropriate things; does that inappropriateness extend to negative opinions?  The answer pleased me.  That answer was no.  These blogs are supposed to represent us, and to give a fair portrayal of one's self, one must be honest (in my opinion anyways).

This in mind, I realized that I was actually excited when thinking about blogging at Brown.  Until that point, I hadn't really relished the idea of having, each day, to go and write about my day and how I felt on the internet, but for some reason or another, this reason most likely being the subject of the preceding paragraph, the concept seems to have changed in my mind.  Or rather it is the perception or reaction to the concept that has changed.  It doesn't really matter.  Something is different and now I'm more excited than ever to attend Brown this summer and experience this wonderful experience that my sister and so many of my friends have told me about for the past two years.  

A summary of how things went today and how I feel about blogging now!

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