Saturday, May 4, 2013

Learning the Ropes

Today was the tutorial session for the ILC. I don't think I've encountered anything with so many rules and guidelines. However, considering how much money and time is being put into the program, I'm more than happy than to go through the trouble of following each and every one.

First of all, there are these blogs. We have to be careful with our writing, spelling, content, and organization. This makes sense, considering the wide range of people that will be visiting our blogs, including the college admissions officers for our specific colleges.

I was pleased to find out that these blogs are completely representative of us. The blogs aren't altered or influenced to match up with the ILC's opinions or beliefs; they are our personal conduit to express ourselves during the program. The ILC does not frown upon negative opinions of things, as long as they aren't inappropriate or vulgar in some way. We can post what we want to, as long as it's interesting and relevant. 

There are also multiple guidelines involving our trip in general. What to pack, what to wear, how to act, and time management were all explicitly covered in the tutorial. It's actually reassuring that we have all these rules because it reassures me that the ILC knows exactly what they're doing when they send us abroad. I have yet to encounter a rule that is illogical or superfluous, which is saying a lot considering how many there are. 

According to Don, some students were/are a little uncertain on the idea of blogging everyday. Although I'm not 100% behind the concept, I feel confident that I'll have plenty of experiences, opinions, and ideas from college that I'll be able to share.
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