Friday, June 28, 2013

1st Week Down

Today's Econ class was a refreshing change of pace. Rather than the daily lecture, we journeyed to the computer lab. The Professor changed the learning by having us play stock games. The fun factor was elevated but the learning was not diminished. I learned some useful tips about buying and trading stocks. I also learned that I should never play the stock market, due to my poor profit producing skills. The Professor learned that Malachi, Duncan, and I were from the Ivy League. He remembers some students from last year, and told us our program was awesome. I think that means we're doing a good job of spreading the word about the ILC.

It's really nice to know that college professors don't have to follow some sort of super strict curriculum when they want to teach. On that note, we are also watching the movie Moneyball to help better our understanding of statistics. Just another thing to look forward to. 

It seems to me like the days are getting shorter. There's less and less to blog about every day. Perhaps I can attempt to describe my day, but in a way that doesn't cause my reader to doze off mid paragraph. Tomorrow is Saturday, and we have not class; it should be the a great day to test out my new style of blogging.
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