Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm starting to settle into a bit of a routine. There aren't really big changes anymore happening around here, though I'm still meeting new people here and there! Things are still really exciting around here, and I still feel pretty busy a lot of the time. Today was a little different; I had a bit more time to myself to relax from all the excitement. 

Class today was mostly a lecture. We first discussed the results of yesterday's practice lab and spoke about many potential sources of error. Following that, we had a long, long presentation about restriction enzymes. I am not a fan of learning from lectures, so I found the lecture quite dull today. We did not do much in class, otherwise. 

Outside of class, I spent a good deal of time with friends from my dorm. We played some cards at Starbucks after class, though that did not last as long as yesterday. After cards, I ended up staying in the lounge for a little bit, though I left to try to find a volleyball game. I didn't find it; instead, I met up with someone from class, and we went to grab lunch.

We went back to the lounge to relax, but I fell asleep for about half an hour before jolting myself awake. The other two in the lounge left, though my friend from lunch had stuck around. I told her she could go, and I went to take a walk around the campus. I ended up going to the local CVS to pick up some things that I needed, and I bought myself some ice tea right after. 

I went back to the lounge, where people gathered up again. We went to grab dinner, and we split up afterwards. I came back to my dorm room to work on my homework, and I plan to sleep a little early tonight! 
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