Thursday, June 20, 2013

And the Beat Goes On

Today was another very adventurous day as we learned a lesson in east-coast public transportation. This morning we caught a train into Harvard square where we had breakfast at a restaurant that, by the celebrities on the wall, seemed very famous. Typically speaking I am a very conservative eater, but I figured what better time to start doing above and beyond than now? So I had a smoked salmon and red onion omelet, and it is safe to say that I am no longer a conservative eater.

After breakfast we headed to the most informative and enlightening portion of the day, the sit down with one of Harvard's admissions officers and a recent Harvard graduate. It truly changed my perspective on not only Harvard, but Ivy League schools as a whole. Maybe they are not as out of reach as they are often perceived. After finishing up with the meeting we had a full-scale tour of Harvard's beautiful campus, promptly followed by buffet-styled lunch on campus. 

We then walked back to the train station to head over to MIT. The sit down at MIT was a lot less formal, but informative all the same. With it being a technical institute, I was definitely in awe of the architectural and engineering designs. After self touring MIT and fiddling through the student stores, we stopped for ice cream before heading to Fenway Park.

Going to the southern side of Boston definitely showed me the city in a truly different light. After walking around the stadium we found a restaurant that an opening directly on the field. Even though we were not patronizing the restaurant today, we were still more than welcome enjoy the view.

Today was an amazingly enlightening day, and I am eagerly looking forward learning even more tomorrow!
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