Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Miles and Miles Away We Go

Today I attended my orientation for the Ivy League Connection. I managed to learn more about what to expect when I go over to the east coast. The Brown II group for the Women and Leadership program leaves on July 17 at 3am. I felt exhausted already just thinking about waking up that early.
Pinole Middle Auditorium

One of the reoccurring themes at the orientation was punctuality. I made sure that I arrived early to the orientation promptly and  ready to go at five o'clock.  Although a few people were late we still managed to get started and began discussing the details of our trip.I remember hearing Mr. Ramsey and Don say that we would not let anyone down, but ourselves and our families if we were not on time. I feel as though I have a lot to prove especially coming from the Bay Area which has a very poor economical background. If I was late to a job I would not  have a second chance and would immediately be fired.  I plan on taking this program extremely seriously and returning to the Bay Area as a better student and member of my community.

Mr. Ramsey and Don Gosney

 The Ivy League Connection started eight years ago and I would never want to tarnish my reputation or the people who are working countless hours to give me this amazing opportunity. After everyone got settled in all of the chaperones introduced themselves.  Most of the chaperones stated the fact that they wished that  they had the opportunity to join the ILC when they were in high school. I loved the fact that they want to help us achieve our dreams and give us something that they could not give themselves. This statement made me feel both sad and happy. I am happy that I get to go visit so many prestigious universities however, I feel bad for those who never will get the chance to reach their full potential.
Ms. Neal also informed the group on her experience with chaperoning. Ms. Neal was a chaperone for the Cornell cohorts in the past and is anxiously awaiting the day we take flight. After all of the introductions Don let some of us see the loaner items he had to offer. Most of the people who said they needed loaner items selected more of one item than they needed such as extension cords. I will purchase a few of the items myself, because I might be able to use them later on during the year.
The following list below gives you a glimpse of what I will need:
  • Fan
  • Travel Iron
  • Surge Protector
  • Bed Sheets
  • Travel Umbrella
  • Gorilla Pod
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Laptop Security Cable
  • Desk Lamp 

After Don showed us the items he had to offer each of the cohorts separated to discuss our plans for the trip. Ms. Neal  gave us more information on about the colleges we would be touring such as Brandeis University, Yale, and Boston University. I am so excited to visit all of the schools in the east coast, because  this gives me a chance to meet admission representatives and make connections. All of a sudden I realized that I would be leaving in a few weeks. I have to mentally and physically prepare myself for this adventure that I will be embarking upon. I need to prepare myself for this summer I will be entering  adulthood. I will no longer be considered a young child and we be responsible for my own life.

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