Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Day, Another Adventure

Realizing that I am not a breakfast person, my day started off lovely at noon. I see waking up that late as accommodating for my lack of adjustment to the eastern time zone. Even waking up that close to my class' starting time, I was still able to grab lunch with  a new-found friend from England  and also still make it to class on time. 

In class it was partially a typical day in the fact that the majority was lectures and book work, with heavy class participation. But today we spent a significant amount of time on deciding what slightly economics related movie to watch in the neat future  which our teacher called "a good use of time". But the majority of the class was fast-paced learning  which is something that is not commonly practiced in high and for good reason, but it is my preferred style of learning. 

After the near three hour class came the major chunk of the day, which is not spent inside the classroom is not regulated very much at all.
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