Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Big Freeze

Today wasn’t too hot.  The weather has been absolutely blazing the past few days, but today held a pleasant surprise.  It wasn’t hot!  Comparatively that is.  It was still really muggy, but it was overcast and drizzling, which made the weather perfect.  The drizzle was almost mist, and cooled everything down.  I also think that the water made everything really pretty, but sadly there was too much precipitation for my camera’s tastes, so no pictures. 

Class is getting more interesting as we get into the macro topics.  We are starting to analyze the complicated interactions between government and economy, but on a very large theoretical scale.  Its really interesting because we spend at least half of the class talking about current issues or how whatever we are learning can be applied to current issues or real economic events, usually because people ask interesting questions.  It is amazing to be in an environment where everyone is so involved in the world and eager to learn about and discuss the issues facing us today.

I had a Philly cheesesteak for dinner, and it was really good!  It did take about 5 hours to get here after I ordered though.
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