Friday, June 28, 2013

Curfew is at 12

It’s Friday!  Class was different today; we played economic simulation games and it just affirmed my assumption that people will screw each other when it comes to economics.  We played a game where, if both people picked a certain option, they would both get 80 cents, but if one person picked a different option, one person would get a dollar and the other would get nothing.  It would make sense to pick the lower risk option that is profitable for everyone, but people would always choose the option that would gain them more.  And if both people pick this option, then they both get nothing.  It doesn’t make sense.

We then played a stock trading game, and again, we screwed ourselves.  We created a huge bubble; the stock shouldn’t have gone over twelve dollars, but right before it crashed it got to thirty-one.  Then it halved.   The only people who did well were the ones who bought a lot of stock at the beginning.  I did alright.

These kind of things are really interesting, as they really show us how the stuff we are learning is applicable to the real world, and how people really do act in the ways that we’ve talked about in class.

I’m excited that it’s the weekend tomorrow!  I can sleep in!  I mean, I’ve been doing that already because my class is at 12:45, but now I can sleep in more!
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