Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Orienting Ourselves in the Right Direction

Today, we went to Pinole Middle School for our orientation to the Ivy League Connection. I had some trouble getting there on time, and I'm learning that I need to practice my punctuality. All of these events we've had so far in the Ivy League Connection have been helping! Thankfully, I was not the last one to arrive, so I was not the one being used as an example, though I came pretty close.

The orientation consisted of a lot of information that I remember hearing elsewhere from the Ivy League Connection, so it was a lot of review. There's nothing wrong with repeating themselves, since it's better to make sure all that information is drilled into all of us!

We split off into groups for each of the cohorts of the program partway through, and it's worth nothing that the Brown cohort was split into two groups again. Brown I was the DNA and macroeconomics group, and Brown II was the women and leadership group. Such a split was needed since our trips were different, with different times and chaperones. Additionally, the ILC had the greatest amount of people going to Brown University.

Again, the chaperone for Brown I was Nate Enfield, a history teacher from my own school, De Anza High School. He went on about the plans for when we finally leave to head to the East Coast. We have Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth, and Yale as some of our destinations before the course actually starts. This was all new information to me, so I actually listened closely.

We went back to listening Don and Mr. Ramsey. We finished around eight, when the sun was getting quite low.

The trip is almost here! I'm nervous, yet excited for it. We leave on the nineteenth of this month. 
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