Sunday, June 30, 2013


In contrast to the fun-filled day I had yesterday, today was a bit glum. The homesick feeling has been hitting me, as well as a few of my other friends. And of course, one of the highlights of our day was a 2 hour session of laundry and homework. I have a feeling that everyone at college will go through this experience one time or another. It's just a coincidence that it happened to a majority of my friends on this specific day. 

On the bright side, my sadness has helped me explore Providence a little more. I encountered a plethora of ice cream shops within a few minute's walk of campus. I think I had 3 servings of milkshakes and ice cream today. So whenever you are feeling down, if ice cream or frozen yogurt is your comfort food, Providence has numerous choices.

Unfortunately, today was the final for the Brasil Confederation soccer cup. It was my last chance to watch soccer with a group of excited Europeans. I may have watched it on a small screen inside a restaurant, but I really savored that last moment of exhilaration that one feels when a team scores. 

I'm looking forward to going back to class tomorrow, as I'm reaching the point where I forget things I learned last Monday. Let the learning commence!
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