Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Brown Does College the Right way

As each day progresses I continue to be in more awe of that sheer greatness of this lifestyle. The class itself is amazing, and it makes me question why high schools (a place that is supposed to be preparing you for college) does not teach like college professors do. It almost makes me grieve the day that I have to return to high school, but at the same time motivates me to be more proactive in my learning experience in high school as to prepare myself for a course load tougher than one class. 

Today a few guys decided to attempt to throw a party (possibly for a complete college experience but most likely just to have the opposite sex near them) needless to say it was a brave yet failed attempt. But while at this unsuccessful collection of individuals enjoying bad music, I realized that these people I were now calling friends, I did not know a week ago. This gave me great gratitude and confidence in my social ability and flexibility which I can tell are key pieces to a successful college experience. 
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