Thursday, June 27, 2013


We came back to the lab today with a more meaningful experiment. Labs are more hands on, and they keep me much busier than sitting around during a lecture. Our topic of the day was gel electrophoresis, in which we added modified and added DNA samples to a solid gel that we created, in order to use electricity to move the DNA. The farther the DNA moved, the shorter its molecular length would be. There would be multiple fragments for each line of DNA in the gel, since the DNA is cut multiple times. Each line is different, because DNA would be cut at different locations to be different lengths, depending on each modification. The goal was to analyze how different enzymes cut DNA in different ways. I tried using layman's terms, but I'm not exactly sure if everyone still understood that. Sorry. 

My own experiment ran by very smoothly. I ran into some small mistakes, but they were not major setbacks at all. I am satisfied with my results, too; I think I pretty much did the best I could. The quality of the lab here might have been a factor to some extent. Normally, I'm not satisfied with my results during lab back in my high school, but that may be attributed to the lack of high quality equipment. 

Once class was over, I spent some time with friends. We ended up going to a co-curricular activity in which there were board games, but the only people that were there were the people that I came with, besides the RA. I've been taking this day pretty easy too; I have most of my homework done now, and I'm doing this blog really early! I think I'm going to go to bed early. 
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