Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Final Orientation With All the Cohorts

Today, every Ivy League Connection family and the chaperones congregated at Pinole Middle School for the final information session before heading off to the East Coast. While almost everyone arrived on time, a few were, unfortunately, late, which gave Charles Ramsey and Don a perfect opportunity to explain the importance of being on time in any situation.

Apart from the discussion of possible items that we need on our trip, most of what Don said today was a repeat of the tutorial session two months ago. After about an hour, we separated into our respective groups to receive our itineraries and discuss the details of our trips.

Seeing the details of the trip for the first time, I realized that it really isn't going to be relaxed and easygoing at all. Every day is going to be full of action and opportunities from touring Harvard to having coffee with admissions officers. I still can't imagine what I'm going to see and experience in the East Coast this summer. There will be so many new things that I will encounter that will force me to step out of my comfort zone to seize all the rare and amazing opportunities that I have been given. This summer will really leave some indelible memories. I can't be more excited to go now.
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