Sunday, June 23, 2013

Experiencing Heat, Humidity, and Brown

Today is the hottest day since I have been to Providence. The weather was a little chilly in the mornings since I got here, but this morning is different. I was already sweating all over after I finished packing for checking out of the hotel. We had breakfast and headed to CVS to buy some detergents since we all have to do laundries by ourselves now. After that, we loaded our luggage on the van and began our three-week college experience. 

I was expecting to have a single dorm room because many ILC Brownies last year lived in single dorm rooms. I was a little surprised when I found out that I was assigned to a double dorm room. I prefer to live in a single dorm room; however, living with another person has its benefits. I can learn how to get along with other people and it is an important skill I will need when I go to college. 

The setting of the dorm room surprised me more than the fact that it's a double did. The dorm room barely has anything more than the four walls. It is easier to say what the dorm has than to say what the dorm doesn't have. The dorm has a heater, two desks, a few hangers, two shelves, two drawers, two beds, two pillows, and four walls. I spent some time setting up all the electronics I brought, but I did not have time to unpack the clothes today. Being in the dorm for only a few hours has made me miss the hotel already.

Tomorrow the class will start officially and I am going to sleep after I finish this blog (about 1 AM), so I will get enough sleep tonight. Hopefully I can wake up early and go to class on time tomorrow.
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