Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wondering What to Write

It has been a week since I moved into Brown. Most things, if not everything, have been settled. Not much new thing happens now and I have already addressed my process of adapting to the new life in my previous blog posts. 

There is no class on weekends and most students go to Boston today, so I watched a movie and did what I usually do in my free time: play computer games, eat, read, and play the piano. Although today is on weekend, it is very similar to a regular weekday. I did not do anything special today and I'm starting to running out of topics to write about in the blog. 

A good blog should contain interesting thoughts and these thoughts are usually inspired by experiences that one does not normally have. In these three weeks, we will most likely to have very similar experiences everyday and the freshness we felt in the first week is fading very quickly. The blogs that I am required to write in the following weeks will be a challenge to me. I will need to discern the slight differences of my days and put some thoughts on those differences and use my writing skills to put the differences I see and the thoughts of them into blog posts.
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