Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This Will Be a Blast

It's the last week of this school year and summer is finally coming again. As the trip to Brown this summer is getting closer, we are preparing for the trip with more and more details. Today all of the ILCers went to our last meeting before going to the East Coast. 

After Don and Mr. Ramsey talked about the general rules like be on time and follow the school codes, we broke up into groups and discussed the schedules of the trips in detail. Our chaperone, Mr. Enfield, gave each family a copy of the schedule including the flight numbers, type of transportation, hotel address, the people we are going to meet when visiting the colleges and even their phone numbers. Last time we got together, in the School Board meeting, we only knew which colleges we are going to visit; today, we know the exact time we are going to be in the colleges and what exactly we are going to do. All this detailed description about the trip makes me feel that the trip is getting closer and closer. In fact, - and I just realized this - we are setting the sail in 14 days.

We need to get ready for the trip in two weeks. We need to research about the schools we are going to visit and started to pack our stuffs and make sure we have everything we need for the trip. I'm sure we will learn many things and have a good time this summer. This summer will be a blast for all of us, if we follow the rules.
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