Monday, June 24, 2013


Class has started at Brown University! This has been quite a monumental day, and I am starting to feel the effects of this transition. My day started off with class. There, I ran into someone I met at the ice cream social last night, and I was very surprised to see that she had the same class as me. The ball hasn't really started rolling yet in class, so today was a bit slow, but I'm expecting that things will pick up very quickly. Today consisted of explanations of the syllabus and the schedule, review of some basic biology, and a pre-test to gauge our knowledge of biotechnology. 

When the class ended, I went with my roommate and the person from last night to grab lunch. We went back to our dorms right after to begin our homework, though we left shortly after to attend a seminar about the LGBTQ community. I suppose I see my self as an ally to the community, so I feel like I already know a fair bit. This seminar did not introduce anything rather new to me. After this, we went back to our dorms to continue my homework while we waited for our next seminar pertaining to procrastination. That seminar was a bit more interesting, with about twice the amount of people compared to the last. There was plenty of advice over dealing with procrastination, and I will try to keep much of it in mind. 

Dinner followed up shortly after, though not much occurred then. The more interesting events were afterwards; Nate invited Johnny and I to have some tea with one of his college friends. She was also a teacher at D.C., and she happened to be around Brown at this time too. I spoke a lot about schools in our district, the Ivy League Connection, and the class I am taking right now at Brown! It was definitely a good time; I also love tea quite a bit.

Lightning flashed over my head on my way back to my dorm. Rain followed soon after, and I took a walk outside in the dark. The weather has notable differences here. It's a lot hotter and more humid when it rains, and there's lightning! Electrical storms are very, very rare back in the Bay Area. This drastically different weather made me more away of how different the East Coast is, from the West! 

Tomorrow, we start working in the lab for biotechnology, and I am quite excited! 
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