Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome to Dartmouth!

Even before we arrived to the college, or even before going to lunch with one of the deans and three current students, I could tell this college was going to be different simply based on the drive up there. The drive Providence to Hanover is about a three hour drive, and for about the last hour it is extremely clear that this a very alienated part of the country. Alongside the road were nothing springs of water and seemingly endless forest. It was a beautiful drive, and subsequently, led us to a beautiful college and town.

The campus itself although it had the typical culmination of red and green (red brick and ivy) that most all of the Ivy League school have, it appeared substantially more visually appealing than the other schools. The environment was very welcoming as well. Random students would actually say "Welcome to Dartmouth!", as they passed you on the street or on the campus.

During the lunch with one pf the deans and three students of Dartmouth, the school continued to become more appealing. Most astounding to me was the fact that the other negative adjective they could come up with to describe the school was "too perfect".

After the admissions officer's speech and the campus tour, Dartmouth is a university (but they like to call themselves a college due to their particular focus on undergraduate studies) that I will definitely be applying to.
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