Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easy Adjustment

I am absolutely loving the style of college classes. It is almost the complete opposite of high school, and it makes it all that much better. There is no babysitting in college. You have your lecture, get your homework, and you're set free. If you don't do your homework, the only consequence is the one you place on yourself. At the beginning of class, YOU ask the questions. The professor will not go over information unless he has to. This mode of operation creates a speedy and informative classroom experience. Simultaneously, students learn to regulate their learning and study habits. It's exactly what I expected from college.

Today we started getting into the ideas of supply and demand in a nation's economy. It's really amazing, because we can represent the entire market for trade between countries with nothing more than a 2-line graph. I'm developing a much better grasp on how the world operates, be it between countries or just two people. 

I'm also developing an abnormal sleeping pattern. I don't sleep until about 1 in the morning, and then I wake up around 11 the next day. This means I miss breakfast and go straight to lunch. I've been functioning on only 2 meals a day for a good while. I have yet to find out if this will affect my ability to learn. At least I'm still not tired of college food. The dining hall provides good variety every meal, but I may not ever experience their breakfast choices.

I think the best way to tell that I'm having a good time is that I don't feel bad for missing out on West Coast events. I miss my friends and family of course, but college is an unparalleled experience, and overshadows my would-be normal summer. My next blog may be a bit more in-depth regarding my economics class, but I'll try not to bore my readers.

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