Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And so the Journey Begins

Today, our very first day on our trip, was eventful to say the least. Within the first few minutes of arriving to the airport we a woman fervently expressing her distaste for the overcharging of over-weight bags. She continued to swear the entire time that she was in line, and even had a few words for one of my fellow Ivy League Connection members. 

It is safe to say that San Francisco and Chicago's Midway airports were very similar in the fact that they both appeared to be overcrowded and big-city oriented. But once we arrived to Rhode Island, there was a clear difference. In Rhode Island the airport seemed a lot more spacious and welcoming. There were these little monuments scattered about every ten feet after you leave your gate, memorializing different things that the people of Rhode Island are proud of  which ranged from football helmets to lacrosse sticks. 

After a long day of traveling we were all able to top it off with a classic dinner,  burgers and fries. I enjoyed a mozzarella and bacon burger topped with iceberg lettuce, dill pickles, mustard and ketchup. The menu said that it was one-hundred percent corn-fed beef which causes natural tenderness, and after I bit into the burger it became evident to me that they must be telling the truth. 

Now I have to try and accustom myself to the east coast time, as we prepare ourselves for a MIT and Harvard tour tomorrow morning. I'm excited to see everything and extremely eager to learn even more!
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