Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pre-College Hear I Come!

Although we as a cohort have had numerous excruciatingly long days, today probably tops them but at the same times caps them all in excitement as well. From the moment I walked through the gates I could feel a vibe that was that of a true college setting. 

As I went throughout the day, I continued to be reminded of the amazing opportunity that was being placed in front of me. As the RA's and other officials of the program began explaining the rules and consequences of breaking said rules, I realized how I had been taking the scholarship that the Ivy League Connection had been affording me for granted. Every serious infraction was said to be resulting in one being dismissed from the program. Along with threatening that you have to put that you have been dismissed from an educational institution for any sort of reason on your common application for college, they also used the "no refunds" statement as a threat. That is when it dawned on me that that vast majority of the thousands of students here, had to pay a substantial amount for everything that they wanted to do, where as I was on an all-expenses-paid trip. This is one of the reasons that I am motivated to thrive in this program, just so that I can attempt to give back to the ILC as much as they have invested in me.

As a form of an ice-breaker, the school put on an ice-cream social. This is where the school gives out free ice cream, and encourages everyone to meet and greet with the people they will be spending their lives with for the next three weeks. As expected there was the clique stage where everyone just naturally stuck to who they already knew. But within the next thirty minutes I was surrounded by people ranging from Canada  all the way to Japan (probably because everyone's sugar highs kicked in). From then on it was a great event, which has me event more excited to see how this program turns out and what is the most I can make of it.
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