Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Final Countdown

With only a few more hours left until my flight to Providence, it still is hard for me to picture myself thousands of miles away from home at this time tomorrow. As I watch every minute pass by, a new wave of anticipation passes over me. This being the first time that I will have been away from my parents for this long, I expect this to be a true building block for my character.

Although going to study at an Ivy League school sounds intimidating,  I have confidence in the study patterns that I have developed over my decade of preparation for all things to come my way in the future academically. I also have extreme confidence in the Ivy League Connection's selection process. Since I was able to make it this far and earn a $10,000 scholarship, I am determined to not only go to the program but to also thrive in it. 

But after water polo practice, a family going away dinner, and the constant love-based badgering of my family today, I am ready to call it a night. But this goodnight will be more like an extended nap as I am preparing to wake up four hours from now. Au revoir California!
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