Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Great Journey

In less than 12 hours, I will leave my home for about three and a half weeks. I will start my adventure to the East Coast! It's so distant, and thinking about this trip is rather nerve-wracking. I'm certain that I will have to work very hard, and it will be a lot of responsibility. I'm confident I can take it though; after all, I signed up knowing that I would have to undertake quite a bit. I'm going to try to overestimate how hard I need to work so I don't end up too shocked if I do end up constantly pressured hard over the length of the course. Of course, I'm still hoping for some fun and excitement every now and then when I'm free! Well, not to say that I'll be without excitement at any point throughout this trip. 

We're required to be at El Cerrito High School before 3:40 AM tomorrow morning. It's set especially early to allow room for mistakes, in case anyone forgot something. I need to start managing my internal clock better instead of letting it just run wild! 

I've been going over all of my stuff to ensure that I packed everything. Don has been so gracious as to lend us many items that would help us settle in the dorm. 
Bedsheets, a meshbag, a travel iron, a lamp, a surge protector, an umbrella, and a fan.
I've gotten my own things together in my suitcase, and I think I'm ready to live over in the East Coast now. 

This trip will be an experience of a lifetime, and it certainly will change my perspective on things. I'll be living in a dorm, so I'll definitely learn how that is. I'm also going to be taking a serious college class; hopefully I can transfer some skills from that. I'm mentally fortifying myself to be ready to take on the East Coast! 
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