Monday, June 24, 2013

Economics Day 1, Social Hour Day 2

Today was everyone's first day of class, and for most that meant nine AM sharp but luckily for me (a person who loves to sleep in when I have the chance), my class did not start until twelve forty-five. The class was nothing like my typical high school classes. I do not remember any time where on the first day of school that the entire class period was not devoted to meaningless and cheesy introduction games. The first day in this two hour and fifty-five minute class, we actually got through  two of the first seventeen chapters. Of course we went over the syllabus, but for the for most part it was a lecture styled class but at the same time was very interactive. 

Our teacher for the class seems to be a very good teacher. He let us know that most of the class will be lectures and for that reason he encouraged questions virtually during anytime he was speaking. He also told us that this course actually will suffice for the advanced placement macroeconomics course, and that  all the students that he taught last summer that took the AP test passed with at least a three but most higher than that. Which really encouraged me that this class will be very informative and useful if I do consider taking that AP test. 

After three forty I had the entire day to do what ever crossed my mind and was within the campus rules, up until our eleven o'clock curfew. Which I believe might be just as important in terms of preparing students for college as the actual classes our. Working on time management between studying. socializing, resting, eating, laundry, and all of the other things that at home are either have designated times for or are done for me by my parents. But once in college, I will have to do all of this on my own. So today I spent the majority socializing for these reasons: my teacher did not assign any homework tonight, I do not yet have any laundry to do, and it is the first week and everyone is trying to figure out everyone else. 

As a whole  I enjoyed my day and predict that my fays are only going to become more interesting as the days progress.
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