Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 8

Day 8
Blogging is becoming strenuous.  There is not enough activity each day to inspire a meaningful blog post.  Maybe my literary proficiency will aid me in my daily struggle. 

Seriously though, I really do think that blogging every day is excessive.  There isn’t enough activity each day to create blog posts that aren’t redundant.  There also aren’t many moments that change my way of thinking radically.  It was different when we were visiting colleges and the first few days of being here, but since then this trip has become routine, which isn’t to say it isn’t exciting, just that I am not having some kind of world bending epiphany every day.  I know that that isn’t exactly expected, but there isn’t much else to write about.  I can discuss my daily activities, but that becomes monotonous and isn’t particularly interesting in the first place.  All I hope for is that my class provides the type of insight and food for thought that are the essential ingredients for a sumptuous blog.

In the meantime, to mediate some of the boredom in my blogs, here are some pictures!

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