Friday, June 21, 2013

Trip to Dartmouth

Today we got to wake up later than usual - 6:45 AM. We drove for three hours to Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. The college is very rural, but that makes it a tight community. After we arrived, we had lunch with some Dartmouth alumni and faculties. They said that Dartmouth is special in that it is the only Ivy League universities that has quarter system and it focuses largely on undergraduates. Dartmouth has a system called the D Plan, which offers opportunities to study abroad. The alumni in our table told us that the reason they chose Dartmouth is the D Plan.

Later on, we went into the campus for an information session. The session gave us a more complete understanding of the college. It covered everything we need to know about the college - academics, the D Plan, financial aid, and application process. After the information session, we had a tour around the school for about an hour. Then we went to get some gelato and took another three-hour ride back to Providence. 

Although we spent six hour commuting today, I wasn't as tired as I was yesterday. I slept through most of the time we were in the van. Overall, today's trip was very valuable. Before, I had never put much thought in applying to the colleges that I had never heard of. After visiting one of the lesser known Ivy League college, I understand that the reputation of a college doesn't matter so much; what I really need to consider when I choose colleges is the system of the college and whether I will be happy in the college.
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