Monday, June 24, 2013

First day of class

Today I woke up earlier than I need to just to make sure I am not late to class. I went to a dining hall, which is closer to the dorms and has just opened for summer students today - at least that is what I heard. The line for breakfast was quite long; it took me quite a while to get my food. When we finally finished our breakfast, it was already 8:45 and the class was pretty far away from the dinning hall. We walked as fast as we could to the class and barely arrived on time.

The professor of our class introduced what we are expected to do in this course and gave a brief description of what we are going to do in the coming three weeks. Today is probable the few days in the course that we sit in the lecture hall and listen to her talking. Most of the days we are going to do labs. There are five assignments today. It sounds a lot, but actually it took me less than an hour to complete all of the assignments.

During the free time today, I continued to explore the campus. I went to check out the laundry service. I threw all my dirty clothes in the washing machine and then realized that I did not have a card required to access the service, so I had to take out all the clothes and braved the rain back to my dorm. I also went to the piano practice room and played piano for about two hours to make sure that my fingers don't forget how to dance on the keyboard.
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