Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Before today, I had never personally seen what a well-equipped laboratory. That changed today when I entered one of the labs in Brown University as part of my biotech course. It's amazing how much more advanced that equipment is, compared to the labs I have done at De Anza High School. They have digital micropipettes, tons of convenient Bunsen burners, and just so much surplus equipment! We had a rather simple lab, the goal being an orientation of how to work within the lab. I think it went fairly smoothly for a first time in terms of working in this lab. I made a few mistakes, but they're excellent learning experiences! 

Following class, I found myself pulled into a group of friends for most of the day. We went to get lunch, chatted there, and went to a tea shop afterwards. There, we played many different card games; I feel like I learned fifteen different types of games! Somehow, two hours just flew by while we were there. Afterwards, we went to the lounge in our dorm and hung out there until dinner; then, some of us grabbed a few bites at the dining hall while the others bought food at Chipotle. I did both, and I had some Chipotle saved for later in the night! 

Somehow, nearly seven hours after exiting class, I stumbled into my dorm, feeling extremely drained. I took some time to relax and to unwind for the day. Brown has been really exciting; I've been out with people for much of the time here! I'm certainly having tons of fun. 

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