Friday, June 21, 2013

3 Down 1 to Go

Today we visited Dartmouth college. My suspicions regarding my enticement were correct. The more colleges I visit, the more I see the pros and cons of each. Right after Harvard, I was set and ready to apply if I had the chance then and there. However after Dartmouth, I've begun to see reasons against applying. I  realize now that I should visit any and all potential colleges before making a solid decision;  until then I can't truly know what's best for me. 

Dartmouth has a quaint Campus. Hanover, the city Dartmouth resides in, is very small. The entire city has a measly population of 17,000. Although the campus wasn't located in the bustling city of Boston, it had a warm, friendly feeling to it. 

A Typical Dartmouth Building
The architecture was reminiscent of Harvard's red bricks and green trees. In fact, I've noticed that the East coast has a lot more plant life than California. I'd assume the air quality is fresher here too.

The environment was not the only quaint part of visiting Dartmouth. We had lunch with a Dartmouth adviser and a few current Dartmouth students. Out of all of the Ivy League information sessions, this one felt the most down-to-Earth. The student that I talked to,Rob, praised the school highly. However, he acknowledged the cons of the school, and exemplified some reasons it may not be for everybody. Harvard and MIT didn't emphasize much on possible reasons not to go, but it's completely understandable that they would want visitors to see their school in the best possible light.

More Campus Beauty
Out of the 3 schools we've visited so far, I would rank Dartmouth as my top choice. The most appealing part to me was the small size. It presented a stronger sense of unity and community between the students. Besides the great classes and clubs, the community and town would be something I want to be a part of.

After our lunch, we were given a seminar and a tour. It wasn't nearly as direct as the lunch was, and most of the information we had just learned minutes ago. For that reason, it was a bit dull. I still enjoyed seeing more of the campus, and the people within it. My favorite part was seeing how many active people there were, riding bikes and walking about. I'm sure my love for walking about would be appreciated at Dartmouth

Our final college tour (before Brown) will be tomorrow at Yale. I feel more than ready.
The Nicest Looking Building (In My Opinion)
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