Sunday, June 23, 2013

It Has Begun

This morning I had the best breakfast I’ve had so far.  We went to Tazza Café, and I had some delicious eggs benedict, along with one of Carson’s pancakes.  We got up at nine, so I got a lot more sleep than I had been getting and felt really well rested.  After breakfast we went to the store to buy things like laundry detergent and some soap, and then after that, we were headed to Brown.

The campus is gorgeous, and I really like how it is entwined with the city around it.  I checked in, and as soon as I stepped into the milling throng of people in the main green, I started to notice the huge diversity present.  People were speaking all kinds of languages, most of which I didn’t recognize.  So far I have met ten Turkish people, a huge number of British people, and heard at least twenty languages spoken that I had not even the slightest clue towards what they could be.  It really opened my eyes to the prestige of these universities, and how they draw people to them from all over the world.

After sorting out my room, I went it to town with Jay and Niels and got some frozen yogurt, which was delicious, and walked around for a bit.  We had until four to do whatever we wanted, and we did just that.  At four we went to the orientation for students with our RA James and the rest of our floor, of which I have already made a few friends.  The orientation was what I expected, going over of rules, and afterwards we regrouped as a floor and broke the ice a little.  We then went on a quick tour of campus and got some dinner.  I found out that my classes are at the complete opposite end of campus, meaning a five to ten minute walk to class each morning.  The dining hall is next to the class though, so we can eat breakfast up there.

I’m really excited to start class tomorrow, and I’m also really excited to live here for three weeks.  As soon as I got to my room, I felt comfortable, and I’m really enjoying the college experience so far.  I hadn’t thought that I would feel this comfortable in a college setting, but now I feel like I’m not going to want to leave, and I’m going to want next year to go by as quickly as possible.

Here are some random pictures I took today!

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