Friday, June 28, 2013

First Friday at Brown

So as I anxiously walk into class this afternoon I notice the person in the usual spot is not our teacher, but rather the graduate student teacher-aid. Which solidified the thought of class being even more unconventional today. So after everyone arrived, the graduate student led us over to the computer lab where we were greeted by our teacher and instructed to grab any seat. We then logged in to a web site and did somewhat of a practice run game, but then came the real fun, the stock market game.  Each person started off with fifty dollars and I believe four shares of stock. The instructions involved a lot of technical macroeconomics terms, but the main goal was simple: end up with the most money at the end of the game. 

So the approach that I took was to buy as many shares of stock as I could in the beginning rounds, before the price rose. Then I waited as watched the price rose, knowing that my competition would want to buy and then sell with the presumption that the price would continue to rise. So just at the right moment I sold all of my shares. Other technical things went on, but I am proud to say that (aside from the teacher) I was number two in all  of the class at the end of the game and subsequently got my name put in a drawing for a Starbucks card. 

That class experience, combined with an extra hour of curfew all formulated to make a very memorable and distinct first Friday at Brown.
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