Monday, June 24, 2013

No New Friends (Just Kidding)

My first day of class!  It was great.  In my last post I discussed my longing for college life, and going to class has just made it worse.  I love the intellectual atmosphere, and I love that I am in a class that I want to be in, not just a class that a school is making me take.  I love that everyone in the class wants to be there and is supposed to be there and stimulates the intellectual atmosphere.  It is a huge difference from my classes in high school, even my AP’s, where students were just taking the class because they had to and really didn’t care.

I also really liked that I am actually learning.  It was the first day of class and I learned something.  The contrast with every single class I’ve ever taken in my entire school career is amazing.  The material wasn’t ridiculously hard or anything, but the way we learned it and the amount of stuff we learned today showed me how different high school and colleges are.  The professor also seems like a really nice guy, very approachable, and I like him.  I have a really good feeling about this class.

Aside from the class all I did today was enjoy the Brown food, walk around town for a bit, and made some new friends.  They were girls!  I played human Mario kart, which could have used some improvement, and after dinner I played a few games at a Smash Bros tournament at Wilson Hall.  I’m really bad at it, but I had fun nonetheless.  After that, Niels and I went to our new friends’ dorm, with some less-new friends, and hung out there until 10:40, so we could be back for curfew, which is at 11. 

The day was eventful but relaxing, and I’m really enjoying life on campus.  I’m worried that these three weeks are going to go by way too fast, and high school is going to be back all too soon.  Sadly I didn’t take any pictures today, but this is not a trend I intend to maintain.
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