Friday, June 28, 2013


It's finally time for a much needed break. This past week has been utterly exhausting, no matter how exciting or fun it is (in fact, that is a factor in the exhaustion!). 

I'd like to start off by backtracking a little to last night. There was a giant crowd of people meeting on the Hughes Court, and I went out there with some of my friends. We went around to meet people, and we watched many others make fools out of themselves. I suppose this will be common throughout college! I had tons of fun out there, and I'd love to see something like that again (very likely, very soon!). 

Today, in biotech class, we continued working on gel electrophoresis. This time, we methylated DNA to impair its restriction by enzymes, so we changed a few things up from yesterday. Today's experiment felt like a partial failure, since the methylation did not seem to work correctly for me. I consulted many of my classmates, and it seems that all of them have had that problem so far. 

Another noteworthy thing occurred later at night today. Nate called me and asked if I wanted to go for dinner with everyone else in the Brown I cohort. I accepted, of course, but only Johnny, Jay, and I were there. We went to get some sushi and catch up with each other, and I've told Nate quite a bit about my experiences here so far. Everything proceeded smoothly then. 

The weekend is now here, and I will get some much needed and well deserved rest! Of course, I will still need to worry about things, like starting to do laundry. It's a great learning experience, though! 
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