Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thoughts on Dorms and Laboratories

Today during class, we went to a laboratory in the Bio-Med center. The equipment of the lab contrasts sharply with that of the dorms. In the class, everyone has three micropipettes to practice with. Micropipettes are very delicate and accurate tools for measuring liquid volumes. Everyone can use as many pipette tips as he/she needs in order to master the techniques of pipetting. We also did a lab about enzymes, which are usually quite expensive. The most exciting thing about the lab is that, unlike regular high schools, everyone has his/her own lab equipment and performs lab by him/herself. Doing the entire lab by oneself is definitely a good way to learn, since one needs to be aware of all the details.

I am glad that the dorms and the labs are the way they are. Living in a dorm where there is no air conditioning and only simple furniture and having tiny insects flying around make me feel more connected with nature, as opposed to the world heavily modified by humans. Also the heat and humidity reminds me of the climate in Taiwan :)
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